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Swift, Safe
Human-powered Pontoon Craft

SeaBikes include 2 basic models:
the single person
the 1-4 person

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  •  SeaBikes are fUN! 

People of all ages, from 5  to 75, have successfully operated SeaBikes.
You will be truly empowered on the water.

  • SeaBikes are fAST! 

Stable, light-weight pedal-power vehicles propelled by your strongest muscles in your legs.
Speedy 5-6 mph cruising, 13 mph max.

  • SeaBikes are fREE - hands-free!

You may hold cameras, binoculars, maps, fishing poles, or someone's hand
while you cruise across the pond, lake, river, harbor, or bay.

  •  SeaBikes are fAR-REACHING - serious expedition craft!

SeaBikes have journeyed from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska. 
They operate in 3-4 foot seas, with winds up to 25 mph.  They can carry a load of gear.

For the story of our first expedition, click here:  Story



Price List - 2009

Note:  SeaBikes are not new.  They have been manufactured by the Meyer's Boat Company in Adrian, Michigan since 1991.  They have been usually shipped overseas for rental operations at high-end resorts in places like Hawaii and Australia, and Monte Carlo.  They have been subjected to the hard life of rental operations, operating through the surf in these tropical, sandy,  salty environments for many years.  They are well made, and easy to maintain.  Now they are available to you!  

Take a SeaBike for a test drive.
If you own a kayak, it may be time to trade it in!


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