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Swift, Safe
uman-powered Pontoon Craft


Waterbikes are the single person model.  They have the same drive mechanism as the seacycle, but they steer differently - by leaning - like a regular bicycle or motorcycle.  As you lean, the seat back pivots the rear pontoon section which acts as a rudder.  Waterbikes are very manueverable, either in forward or reverse, and they stop quickly by pedaling backwards.

For shallow water operation or beaching, the drive mechanism "kicks up" automatically (or if it hits an obstruction).  Waterbikes paddle easily when operated in very shallow water or in seaweed, grass. or lily pads.

Two waterbikes can raft together for combined operation, much like the seacycle.

Waterbikes make ideal fishing platforms.  They are fast and relatively effortless for extended trolling.  Available accessories can hold your trolling rod, spare rods, tackle box, tool kit, cooler, and coffee mug or water bottle.

Waterbikes are easy to transport.   They come apart quickly with a few stainless steel "T" bolts and pins.  They can be re-assembled in minutes.  No part weighs more than 25 pounds.  The pontoons come apart also, so they may be stowed inside small stationwagons or pickups, or on roof-top carriers.  Two waterbikes can easily be carried by a small stationwagon.

Optional handlevers allows the propulsion mechanism to be driven with your arms, either alone or in conjunction with your legs.  People with limited use of their legs can therefore use the waterbike, and others can get a full body workout if they wish.




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